IECEx Conference in Dubai

IECEx conference in Dubai From 20 to 21 March 2012 a very well attended conference was held in Dubai (UAE) to present the IECEx system. The international certification organisation for explosion-protected electrical equipment, for service companies and qualified personnel in explosive areas, presently includes some 30 member states and has undergone impressive development during the past 15 years since its foundation.

With presently more than 20,000 active product certificates, 90 certified service companies and more than 100 certified and recognized experts, the IECEx system can without doubt be regarded as the most comprehensive and widespread certification organisation for explosion protection. Nonetheless, there are still blind spots on the IECEx map which are to be filled step by step. Until now the Middle East with its immense oil reserves was one of them.The objective of the event was to inform operators, planners, inspection offices, regulators and other persons involved about the advantages of the IECEx system and thus promote future membership of the countries in this region. Over 200 delegates, mainly from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are a good indicator for the high interest the topic attracted. In an extremely well organised and intensive event, numerous experts from Australia, Europe and the USA presented the various aspects of the IECEx system. In specific, the benefits versus other certification systems such as the European ATEX or the US-American NEC were addressed by the speakers. It was pointed out that the IECEx system not only covers the marketing of new products, but covers the entire life cycle of an explosive plant.

The IECEx scheme for certification of skilled competence for working in Ex areas which has been in operation since 2011, recognizes that the best technology is of no use if the operating personnel does not possess adequate qualifications and experience. During breaks and the evening dinner of the first day of the conference there were numerous opportunities for exchanging ideas between the experts. At the end of the conference the participants took ample opportunity of asking the present IECEx experts questions as part of an open forum. For more information, visit the official website