Thursday, 09. April 2009 Ethernet-compliant new generation Ex-Remote HMIs

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Tough yet flexible

Featuring Ethernet connectivity for high flexibility:
new generation Remote HMI stations
with 15 or 19 inch touch screens

At the Interkama and Achema spring 2009 trade fairs, R. STAHL HMI Systems will be launching robust Remote HMI stations for installation in rough industrial environments as well as hazardous areas of zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. The new ET/MT-5x6 series with 15" or 19" touch screens enables users to operate PCs in safe areas from field stations in many different ways. For example, the HMIs can be used as Thin Clients to communicate with host computers directly via the Ethernet using the RDP or VNC protocol. Alternatively, the HMIs can be coupled via a KVM box, which is the usual route. In this case, where the box transfers data from and to the computer's visual and input interfaces (keyboard, video, mouse), the system supports the current digital standards (DVI, USB) as well as the older types of interfaces (VGA, PS/2).


With the KVM box, the Remote HMIs are also connected via TP or optical fibre Ethernet cables, which make communication very flexible. While simple one-to-one allocation of Ex stations and PCs in the safe area remain possible, many other options are also available. E.g. an automation or condition monitoring system can be operated via up to four different stations. Similarly, a single Remote HMI can access alternating servers. It is furthermore also possible to implement a multi-monitor field station connected to several graphics cards of the same PC. The configuration of the firmware is equally user-friendly. No parameterising is necessary for coupling a station to a PC using digital interfaces via the KVM box. Otherwise settings are entered via a screen dialog – instead of the cumbersome procedure of having to look for a DIP switch array at or inside the device and manually configure it, which is still necessary with other Remote stations. Without any driver on the host PC, the Remote HMI provides full touch screen functionality including all input options already at the log-in stage. This includes complete mouse emulation as well as a soft keyboard that can be parameterised for 25 languages. The systems feature IP66 front protection and can withstand extreme ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +55 °C. By adding a heater and front protection plate, this increases to -40 °C to +55 °C. The stations also do not require a special housing for use within hazardous areas. Their modular internal design means they are easy to service. All accessories from R. STAHL's existing Open HMI and Operator Interface series can also be used for the ET/MT-5x6 series. The accessories range from network installation tools for hazardous areas, to various input devices, to special hygienic field housings.


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