Wednesday, 12. August 2009 New user-friendly switch disconnectors for 40, 63 and 80 A

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Improved layout, increased safety, high flexibility:

The robust new 8544-type switch
isolators for hazardous areas
provide functional flexibility. Their
user-friendly design ensures
safe operation.

R. STAHL introduces the new 8544 series of switch disconnectors with flameproof contacts for 40 A, 63 A and 80 A rated working currents. Thanks to a new modular design, a modern contact system and practical features, the switches set a new standard within their class. The load and motor switches and disconnectors, which provide isolator functions according to IEC/EN 60 947-4, can be used in circuits in zones 1 and 2 and in safe areas. They have an AC 3 or DC 23 and DC 1 switching capacity according to IEC/EN 60 947-3 and -4. Featuring an especially user-friendly design, the compact units can be installed in tight spaces: the easily accessible terminals have been arranged on the same level, and a clear separation of inputs and outputs facilitates installation. A 20 kA at 160 A short circuit protection ensures robust, reliable operation. The switches are available as three-pole models with optional neutral terminals.


The main terminals can be connected to unassembled one-wire or multiple wire cables or cables with cable lug with a maximum diameter of 50 mm² (AWG 1/0). Additionally, two slots allow users to equip separately certified auxiliary contacts. Delayed (ON), advanced (OFF) or synchronised configurations are possible. The units also support Ex i circuits. Featuring explosion protection certifications for various world regions (ATEX / IECEx, NEC), the 8544 series is suitable for international use in hazardous areas. Furthermore, the switches were designed to tolerate very rugged environments in extreme climates, allowing e.g. for operation at ambient temperatures between -50 and +80 °C. The maximum temperature varies depending on the application's rated current and the temperature class of the gas atmosphere. An attachment to operate the switch can be chosen from the series' modular accessories and be connected to the basic unit via a selector shaft. Other basic equipment and retrofitting modules include tap terminals, N and PE terminals as well as adapter plates for cable shoe connections. All safety switch types are available as of now ex stock.




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