Load and Motor Switches, Load-Break Switches Series 8549

Load and Motor Switches, Load-Break Switches Series 8549

Series 8549

  • Innovative switch concept
  • State-of-the-art contact arrangement
  • Easy and clear connection technology
  • Wiring channel for auxiliary contacts
  • Retrofittable:
    • Pick-off terminal block
    • Auxiliary contacts
    • Ex i separation body
    • N terminal
    • PE terminal
    • Adapter plate for cable connection
  • Isolating characteristics according to IEC/EN 60947-1

The load and motor switch type 8549/1 is an explosion-protected electrical equipment in a flameproof enclosure. It is used for separation or activation of electrical circuits in hazardous areas of Zone 1, Zone 2 or in the safe area.

The load and motor switch 8549/1 is available in versions 8549/1-3. (3-pole) and 8549/1-4. (3-pole + N), 8549A0326-6. (6-pole) and 8549A0325-62 (6-pole as change-over switch).

The switches are actuated by means of an actuator which is connected to the switch by means of a selector shaft.

Up to two specially certified contact elements of type 8080/1 can be mounted on the load and motor switch type 8549/1.

The switching function of the contact elements is defined by the contact version and their position in the load and motor switch (left-hand: delayed (ON), leading (OFF); right-hand: synchronizing).

ATEX / IECEx Class I (NEC 505) (NEC 506) Class I Class II Class III
Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22 Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22 Division 1 2 1 2 1 2
For use in x x x x For use in x For use in x

Data sheets

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Data sheet 1,37 MB German
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Operating Instructions

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Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
8549 8549601020 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
8549 3040588 Ex Certificate en FM United States
8549 3040588C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
8549 IECEXPTB100053U Ex Certificate en PTB IECEx
8549 PTB10ATEX1032U Ex Certificate deen PTB European Union (ATEX)
8549 ULBR140166U Ex Certificate enpt ULB Brazil