LED Illuminated Pushbutton for Panel Mounting Series 8018

LED Illuminated Pushbutton for Panel Mounting Series 8018

Series 8018

  • For panel mounting
  • With integrated LED
    • High luminance
    • Low heat built-up
    • Prolonged service life
  • Spring-return version
  • 2 contact elements
    • NC / NO
    • NC / NC
    • NO / NO
  • Colour filters red, yellow, green, blue and white are included in the delivery
  • With connecting cable

The LED illuminated pushbuttons Series 8018 are explosion-protected electric devices suitable for the installation in enclosure walls and covers of electric devices, switch panels and control desks. They are used to switch load, control and signal circuits and signal command modes by lighting up or going out.

The devices consist of a main part with two flameproof encapsulated contacts, an LED indicating lamp unit and a front element for operation. The LED illuminated pushbutton in combination with the actuator attachment Series 8602 is designed for D 30 single hole installation according to EN 50007.

ATEX / IECEx NEC 505 NEC 506 NEC 500
Class I Class I Class II Class III
Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22 Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22 Division 1 2 1 2 1 2
For use x x x x For use in x For use in x

Data sheets

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Data sheet 547 kB English
Data sheet 589 kB German
Data sheet 285 kB Spanish
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Operating Instructions

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Operation Instructions 664 kB English
Operation Instructions 1,36 MB English/German
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IOM Sheets

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Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
8018 8018601020 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
8018 TS_RU_S-DEAA71B00082 Ex Certificate ru LPE Eurasian Customs Union (EAC)
8018 IECEXPTB070011X Ex Certificate en PTB IECEx
8018 PTB02ATEX2129X Ex Certificate deen PTB European Union (ATEX)
8018 8018601313 Control drawings en UL Canada
8018 8018601313 Control drawings en UL United States
8018 E182378V2S4 Ex Certificate en UL Canada
8018 E182378V2S5 Ex Certificate en UL United States


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