Control and Distribution Boxes Made of Stainless Steel Series 8150

Control and Distribution Boxes Made of Stainless Steel Series 8150

Series 8150

  • Circumferential protection channel prevents water entry
  • Extended temperature range due to high-quality seal materials
  • Optionally with hinges / cam locks or screw-on cover
  • Hinge versions with large opening angle 130°
  • Flange plates tightened from the outside enables simple installation
  • Standard sizes on stock
  • Special sizes on request

Control devices and control units are assembled clearly in control stations Series 8150.

The enclosure is available in brush finished stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) and 1.4301 (AISI 304).

The product range includes a wide range of enclosure sizes with different heights.

Since there are so many possible combinations of components, every control station Series 8150 is designed and manufactured to order.

The number of devices installed depends on the size of the control station as well as on the space required for the built-in devices.

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
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Data sheets

Document Size Language
Data sheet 400 kB English
Data sheet 400 kB German
Data sheet 702 kB Spanish
Data sheet 702 kB French
Data sheet 502 kB Russian

Operating Instructions

Document Size Language
Operation Instructions 549 kB English
Operation Instructions 694 kB English
Operation Instructions 857 kB English/German
Operation Instructions 552 kB German
Operation Instructions 639 kB Dutch
Operation Instructions 647 kB Polish
Operation Instructions 630 kB Czech
Operation Instructions 615 kB Korean
Operation Instructions 551 kB Spanish
Operation Instructions 552 kB French
Operation Instructions 609 kB Russian
Operation Instructions 687 kB Portuguese


Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
8150/5 815060020030 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
8150/5 CNEX130211X Ex Certificate en CQST China
8150/5 3050071 Ex Certificate en FM United States
8150/5 3050071C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
8150/5 3050480 Ex Certificate en FM United States
8150/5 3050480C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
8150/5 9507714HH Ship certificate en GL Ships Classification
8150/5 12GA4BO0479 Ex Certificate enko KGS Korea, Republic of
8150/5 TS_RU_S-DEAA71B00139 Ex Certificate ru LPE Eurasian Customs Union (EAC)
8150/5 IECEXPTB090049 Ex Certificate en PTB IECEx
8150/5 PTB09ATEX1109 Ex Certificate deen PTB European Union (ATEX)
8150/5 1340017250 Ship certificate enru RS Ships Classification
8150/5 UA_TR_047_C_0538-14 Ex Certificate ruuk TCCExEE Ukraine
8150/5 E231214V2S1 Ex Certificate en UL Canada
8150/5 E231214V2S1 Ex Certificate en UL United States

Customized Solutions

We are providing a set of documentation within the standard scope free of charge as part of our business for customized solutions.
Feel free to ask us to generate a set of customized or project documentation, please note that we will charge for such service against engineering time. For further information please contact our Customer Service Team.

Document Size Language
Technische Dokumentation 87,4 kB German
Technical Documentation 86,7 kB English