Fieldbus Terminator Series 9418

Fieldbus Terminator Series 9418

Series 9418

  • Fieldbus Terminator for Profibus PA and FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus
  • For intrinsically safe (FISCO) or non-intrinsically safe fieldbuses
  • Extremely compact design
  • Simple installation in M20 cable glands
  • For direct integration in enclosures or field devices

The Fieldbus Terminator Series 9418 is used as a bus terminator for fieldbuses as per IEC 61158-2, e.g. Profibus PA or FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus H1.

It is available in the versions "Ex i" for intrinsically safe fieldbuses in accordance with FISCO model and "Ex m" for non-intrinsically safe fieldbuses (Ex e), "high energy trunk".

Due to its extremely compact design, the Fieldbus Terminator can be installed directly in an M20 cable gland and at the same time will provide the required sealing plug for unused cable glands.

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
Ex interface x x x x
Installation in x x x x

Data sheets

Document Size Language
Data sheet 335 kB English
Data sheet 335 kB German
Data sheet 346 kB Spanish
Data sheet 399 kB Spanish
Data sheet 398 kB French
Data sheet 364 kB Russian

Operating Instructions

Document Size Language
Operation Instructions 578 kB English
Operation Instructions 774 kB English/German
Operation Instructions 588 kB German
Operation Instructions 591 kB Russian
Operation Instructions 581 kB Portuguese


Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
9418 941860020010 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
9418 3026646 Ex Certificate en FM United States
9418 3026646C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
9418 941860310011 Control drawings en FM Canada
9418 941860310011 Control drawings en FM United States
9418 R11136RSTAHL266IV Ex Certificate en PESO India
9418 IECEXPTB080007 Ex Certificate en PTB IECEx
9418 PTB07ATEX2053 Ex Certificate deen PTB European Union (ATEX)
9418 TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00081 Ex Certificate ru STV Eurasian Customs Union (EAC)
9418 ULBR140226X Ex Certificate enpt ULB Brazil

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