CMP cable glands

CMP cable glands
  • Ex d and Ex e versions
  • Versions for
    • unarmoured
    • Single Wire Armour (SWA)
    • Steel Tape Armour (STA)
    • Wire Braid Armour

The cable glands are suitable for the direct entry of cables into enclosures of the "flameproof" type of protection and for the indirect entry of cables into "increased safety" enclosures.

The cable glands are available for both non-armoured and metal-armoured cables and meet all requirements of the European ATEX Guidelines, the relevant IEC standards and many other national standards. The relevant approvals can be found in the individual data sheets.

The modular structure of the cable glands enables them to be adapted precisely to the relevant cable design.

In addition to the normal sealing of the cable sheaths, it is especially important that the armouring is securely clamped since the metal armouring on the cable provides both mechanical protection and electrical safety. When the armouring is live, it acts as a protective conductor or earthing conductor and must therefore be integrated into the protective conductor system via the cable gland according to regulations.

When entering the cables directly into enclosures of the "flameproof" type of protection, also make sure that selection and installation takes place in accordance with the provisions of IEC/EN 60079-14.

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Data sheets

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