Installation Switch Series 8030/51

Installation Switch Series 8030/51

Series 8030/51

  • Available as
    • 2 pole OFF switch or
    • Changeover switch
  • Robust moulded plastic enclosure
  • Large, fluorescent turning handle
  • Degree of protection IP65

The installation switches Series 8030/51 are used for lighting installations. The switch position is shown unambiguously by the 90° position. This is especially convenient if lights and switch are in different rooms. The fluorescent turning handle can be useful in the case of a power failure.

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
For use in x x x x

Data sheets

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Data sheet 366 kB English
Data sheet 378 kB German
Data sheet 131 kB Spanish
Data sheet 216 kB Spanish
Data sheet 216 kB French
Data sheet 376 kB Russian

Operating Instructions

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Operation Instructions 419 kB English
Operation Instructions 1,2 MB English/German
Operation Instructions 421 kB German
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Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
8030 8030601020 Declaration of conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
8030 10782014 Ex Certificate deensr IZP Serbia
8030 P131789 Ex Certificate en PESO India
8030 IECEXPTB060074 Ex Certificate en PTB IECEx
8030 PTB02ATEX1026 Ex Certificate deen PTB European Union (ATEX)
8030 TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00074 Ex Certificate ru STV Belarus
8030 TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00074 Ex Certificate ru STV Kazakhstan
8030 TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00074 Ex Certificate ru STV Russian Federation
8030 838 Ex Certificate enruuk TCCExEE Ukraine


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