SolConeX extra-low voltage wall-mounting socket Series 8573/13

SolConeX extra-low voltage wall-mounting socket Series 8573/13

Series 8573/13

  • Rotary switch mechanism
  • Integrated locking device
  • Zone 1 and 21
  • IP66
  • Wide ambient temperature range (-50 to +60°C)
  • IEC/EN 60309-1/2 compatible
  • Full AC-3 switching capacity
  • für Kleinspannungen
  • 2- und 3-polige Ausführung

The SolConeX series of plug and socket devices is continuously being further developed according to the latest standards.

Furthermore, our customers' requirements for their applications have been integrated into our innovative SolConeX series.

Due to its extremely small dimensions, this series enables direct installation / mounting in machines and systems.

Direct insertion and locking by way of an integrated rotary switch ensures high connection reliability and reliable voltage disconnection with full AC-3 switching capability.

The high IP66 degree of protection guarantees safe use and 100% functional safety in every application position.

The sealed plug pins reliably prevent the ingress of dirt or water into the connection chamber even when the plug is disconnected.

The high quality plastics and sealing materials enable use even in extreme offshore, onshore, maritime, or pharmaceutical applications, in the demanding, freezing conditions of the Arctic Ocean or under direct sunlight in the desert.

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
For use in x x x x

Data sheets

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Operating Instructions

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