Ventilation duct - CVD Series 9197

Ventilation duct - CVD Series 9197

Series 9197

  • Higher assembly density for automation devices inside cabinet
  • Increases the number of channels to be installed to up to 768 channels inside a cabinet (approx. +20 %)
  • Reduces the operating temperature by more than 20 K
  • Larger temperature range of use
  • Higher service life of the cabinet installation

Basic function: To achieve effective cooling of components arranged close to one another at low cost and to avoid the formation of heat pockets. This objective is achieved by having air taken in in the lower part of the cabinet flow directly around the automation devices. To this end, a "CVD - Cool Ventilation Duct" is installed along the ISpac isolators or the pac-Carriers. One end of the ventilation duct is closed, while the other end is open and fitted with a fan. The fan blows air into the ventilation duct. Towards the isolators, the ventilation duct has openings through which the air can escape.

Data sheets

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Operating Instructions

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Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
9197 919760020010 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)