Vibration Transducer Supply Unit Series 9147

Vibration Transducer Supply Unit Series 9147

Series 9147

  • For vibration, acceleration and speed sensors in 2- and 3-wire design
  • Space-saving dual-channel version
  • Signal frequencies up to 50 kHz
  • Easy setting by means of front-side rotary switch
  • Galvanic isolation between inputs and outputs and auxiliary power
  • For use up to SIL 2 (IEC 61508)
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The vibration transducer supply unit is used for intrinsically safe operation of vibration sensors, speed and acceleration sensors. The isolator supplies the sensor with auxiliary power and transmits the measurement signal from the measuring transmitter or sensor galvanically isolated to the output.

The isolator can be used for 2- and 3-wire sensors.

*) Restrictions see table explosion protection

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Data sheets

Document Size Language
Data sheet 613 kB English
Data sheet 627 kB German
Data sheet 352 kB French
Data sheet 666 kB Russian

Operating Instructions

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Operation Instructions 568 kB English/German


Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
9147 11-1-265-2013 Operating permission ru GOS Belarus
9147 190511JUL1027 Operating permission ru MESRK Kazakhstan
9147 KZ7500317010117701 Ex Certificate enkkru NCEC Kazakhstan
9147/.0-99-10 914760020010 Declaration of conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
9147/.0-99-10 BVS12ATEXE007X Ex Certificate deen BVS European Union (ATEX)
9147/.0-99-10 IECEXBVS120001X Ex Certificate en BVS IECEx
9147/.0-99-10 A13254 Ship certificate en DNV Ships Classification
9147/.0-99-10 STAHL1306082R025 FMEDA-Report en exida International
9147/.0-99-10 3027620C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
9147/.0-99-10 914760310011 Control drawings en FM Canada
9147/.0-99-10 914760310011 Control drawings en FM United States
9147/.0-99-10 12262014 Ex Certificate ensr IZP Serbia
9147/.0-99-10 P334888 Ex Certificate en PESO India
9147/.0-99-10 04B01765 Ex Certificate enru STV Russian Federation
9147/.0-99-10 ULBR120349X Ex Certificate enpt ULB Brazil