Analog Universal Module HART for Zone 2 Series 9468/33

Analog Universal Module HART for Zone 2 Series 9468/33

Series 9468/33

  • 8 channels can be adjusted individually as analog inputs or outputs
  • Intrinsically safe inputs/outputs Ex ia
  • For 0/4…20 mA + HART signals
  • Line fault monitoring per channel
  • Diagnostics based on NE107
  • Module can be replaced in the hazardous area under power (hot swap)

The Analog Universal Module HART is used for connecting of up to 8 intrinsically safe analog standard signals 0/4 … 20 mA to the IS1 Remote I/O system. The digital communication with connected field devices can take place bidirectionally via the HART protocol. Each channel can be parameterised as input for connecting 2-wire transmitters including transmitter supply or as output for connecting positioners or indicators. The Ex i inputs or outputs are short-circuit proof and galvanically separated from the system.


Compatible spare for IS1 I/O modules:

Series 9460/12*), 9461/12 *), 9465/12 and 9466/12


*) for operation with active 4-wire HART transmitters, a 9164 is additionally required for each channel

Zone 0 1 2 20 21 22
Ex interface x x x x x x
Installation in x x x

Data sheets

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Data sheet 548 kB English
Data sheet 552 kB German
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Data sheet 595 kB Russian

Operating Instructions

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Operation Instructions 897 kB English
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Type Certificate No. Document-Type Language Cer. Body Country/ Region
9468/33 946860020010 EU Declaration of Conformity deenfr - European Union (ATEX)
9468/33 14HG1275368 Ship certificate en ABS Ships Classification
9468/33 28444A1BV Ship certificate en BVIS Ships Classification
9468/33 HB14T00021_01 Ship certificate zhen CCS Ships Classification
9468/33 10A016 Ship certificate en ClassNK Ships Classification
9468/33 DEKRA12ATEX0173X Ex Certificate deen DEK European Union (ATEX)
9468/33 IECEXDEK120054X Ex Certificate en DEK IECEx
9468/33 A13970 Ship certificate en DNVGL Ships Classification
9468/33 MRA000000U Ship certificate en DNVGL Ships Classification
9468/33 3007532 Ex Certificate en FM United States
9468/33 3038401C Ex Certificate en FM Canada
9468/33 940060310021 Control drawings en FM Canada
9468/33 940060310021 Control drawings en FM United States
9468/33 FM16CA0134X Ex Certificate en FM Canada
9468/33 1320008 Ship certificate en LR Ships Classification
9468/33 P337429 Ex Certificate en PESO India
9468/33 ELE150515XG Ship certificate en RINA Ships Classification
9468/33 1340014250 Ship certificate enru RS Ships Classification
9468/33 TS_RU_S-DEGB04B00448 Ex Certificate ru STV Eurasian Customs Union (EAC)
9468/33 ULBR130532X Ex Certificate enpt ULB Brazil
9468/33 DES34002A_NO62141 Metrological certificate ru VNIIM Russian Federation