With IS1+ R. STAHL provides the latest remote I/O level before

New multifunctional I/O modules with enhanced diagnostics

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Video 1: The new I/O-modules IS1+

Video 2: Introduction on Remote I/O system IS1+

Video 3: How to install a modern Remote I/O system

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IS1+ is the world’s most widely installed remote I/O system in hazardous areas. In conjunction with over 30 years of experience and know-how with solutions from R. STAHL is thus almost every task possible.

The system is continuously extended and improved with new functionalities.
Today it features a wide range of communication protocols including Ethernet connectivity and simple integration into asset management systems with a powerful DTM. Besides support of modern protocols, a long-lived and flexible I/O level is required as well. Based on experience with thousands of globally installed systems, R. STAHL now presents the most up-to-date I/O modules with IS1+. The futureproof system solution for complex requirements in hazardous areas of today and tomorrow.


  • Installation in hazardous areas Zone 1, Zone 2, Division 1 and Division 2.
  • Fieldbus communication: Profibus DP V0/V1 HART, Modbus RTU, Industrial Ethernet with Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and FF HSE
  • Hot swap for all modules in hazardous areas
  • System redundancy, media redundancy and optical rings
  • DTM technology for full access to all system, IO and HART field device information
  • Optional ServiceBus for diagnostics and HART communication
  • Field enclosures in many versions, engineered to choice

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