Signal Horn for EEx i Circuits Series 8492

Signal Horn for EEx i Circuits Series 8492

Series 8492

  • Explosion protection
    • IEC
  • For use in
    • Zone 0
    • Zone 1 and Zone 2
  • 49 different signal sequences adjustable with internal DIP switches
  • Three different signal sequences can be selected through an external switch with a given DIP switch setting
  • Three PFEER signals
    • "General alarm"
    • "Toxic gas alarm"
    • "Prepare to abandon platform"
  • Volume adjustable
  • Robust plastic enclosure (ABS)
  • Synchronized tone sequence of parallel operated devices by quartz-controlled oscillator
  • Option: speaker module, programmable

Series 8491 signal horns serve as audible alarms for EEx i circuits.

Operating Instructions

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