• optimal adaptation possible  with only a few components
  • can be expanded as required
  • quick exchange of individual modules
  • straightforward project  planning and calculation
  • modules can be used in any   combination

  • 100% process safety
  • permanent high-grade  power supply
  • maximum reliability and safety for machines, data and products

  • maximum safety in explosion-protected area
  • design complies with standards (especially operation and  monitoring of batteries)

  • project planning of your  customised system solution
  • competent technical support prior, during and after purchase
  • quick availability worldwide
  • service (local service, hotline)

  • solutions for the most extreme environmental conditions  (i.e. heat, cold, humidity or  marine atmosphere)

UPS for maximum safety

99.996% uninterrupted supply - this equates to a power cut of 24 minutes per year!Power cuts or major changes in voltage lasting only milliseconds can lead to malfunctions of  important systems with far reaching consequences: Downtimes, loss of data, damage to machinery and time-consuming production restarts. Solutions for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) are used wherever maximum availability is of the essence: controls which must not fail, an unmanned oil rig which has to function regardlessly.

Typical applications

  • measuring, control and monitoring systems  (i.e. pipeline monitoring and control)
  • plant and process controls as well as sensors
  • telecommunication installations
  • safety and security technology, monitoring and  alarm systems, illumination of obstacles
  • unmanned platforms
  • plants in remote areas
  • process automation (process control technology,  remote control installations, process protection)


The modular system with safety control

The new R. STAHL-UPS modular system offers tailor-made and economical UPS solutions for hazardous areas. According to the ATEX directives and the relative standards, special  requirements apply to the charging of batteries in the hazardous area. In order to assure the explosion protection it is necessary to control the parameters for operation of batteries and chargers in addition to the settings on the charger. The new Ex-UPS-Guard controls  the function of the charger and the batteries according to the ATEX directive. In the market this unique function provides the safety of the installation.


R. STAHL offers you solutions tailored to your requirements. The individual modules can be combined as required, resulting in easy and economical solutions. We can offer you a  customised system solution to meet your specifications.

Modular design of an explosion-protected R. STAHL UPS